01 Oct 2023
Joey Bonifacio
Addiction bears a negative value nowadays—but let’s discover what addiction meant for the early church in Acts.
26 Feb 2023
Joey Bonifacio
The Church seems like a simple group of believers, but if you consider how some churches have endured through the years and decades, you’l....
19 Feb 2023
Joey Bonifacio
As the Body of Christ shares a lot of things in common, being part of the Every Nation family of churches calls us to do certain things that....
12 Feb 2023
Joey Bonifacio
The group of believers who were called “the early church” was described as devoted to a few essential things that attracted the ....
05 Feb 2023
Joey Bonifacio
These past three years, there have been a lot of questions about the validity of online worship services and whether they are real church se....
24 Jun 2018
Joey Bonifacio, Joshua Harris
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been learning what church is, its pattern, purpose and what we are pursuing together.  As we conclude our ....