01 Oct 2023
Joey Bonifacio
Addiction bears a negative value nowadays—but let’s discover what addiction meant for the early church in Acts.
24 Sep 2023
Joey Bonifacio
Everyone, everywhere is stuck in a self-made cage of condemnation. And there is only one right way to break free.
17 Sep 2023
Joey Bonifacio
There is an invisible battle taking place in the spiritual world. Let’s be ready to resist the unseen enemy.
10 Sep 2023
Joey Bonifacio
Many things influence our lives—both seen and unseen. It’s time to open our eyes to the unseen.
03 Sep 2023
Joey Bonifacio
Because we believe in the Bible, we know that the spiritual world is real. This means that knowing our SQ is crucial.
27 Aug 2023
Joshua Harris
Everyone can grow and mature by themselves—to some extent. But growing to complete maturity can only happen with others.