31 Oct 2021
Joshua Harris
What does it really mean to be #blessed? As we unpack God’s true purpose for prosperity, we’ll see that more money might actually mean m....
26 Sep 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Time to see the real price tag of following Jesus and having a life in Christ that’s been promised as abundant. Put on your glasses to see....
19 Sep 2021
Joey Bonifacio
The law of sowing and reaping affects everyone. This universal principle has the potential to change every aspect of your life.
12 Sep 2021
Joey Bonifacio
It’s easy to see the fruit of one’s life — successful relationships, health, and finances. It’s difficult to see what makes those th....
05 Sep 2021
Joey Bonifacio
A thriving life is possible for everyone, even now, because abundance isn’t dictated by circumstances but by a promise of Jesus.
07 Feb 2021
Mark Chew
What makes a new year…“new”? Will a new lunar cycle automatically change your circumstances or does the God of the Bible have a re....