28 Feb 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Without a doubt, living a life that is healthy, fruitful, and generally successful is everyone’s dream. Wisdom makes that dream a reality!....
21 Feb 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Human wisdom during these extraordinary times is insufficient. The time and season we are in demand that we have extraordinary wisdom.
14 Feb 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Unlike animals that experience things but don’t ask why, we humans want to know the reason why things are the way they are.
27 Dec 2020
Joey Bonifacio
2020 has been described in so many ways: unprecedented, bizarre, uncommon, lost, difficult, among a few. But one thing is for certain, 2020 ....
29 Nov 2020
Larry Matsuwaki
Who controls the times and seasons? As we learn how the Israelites transitioned from Egypt to the Promised Land, let God open your eyes to t....
22 Nov 2020
Mark Chew
Are you surprised when life is hard? Even the Bible says we will face challenges yet invites us to see them from God’s perspective of trus....