30 Jan 2022
Joey Bonifacio
As we’ve started the year strong with the Word of God, you’re invited to step into the destiny God has in store for you this 2022.
31 Jan 2021
Joey Bonifacio
We are all expecting vaccines and a petering out of COVID. As we have seen, that is not the case, and things won’t be as quick as we e....
24 Jan 2021
Joey Bonifacio
If you feel stuck in a valley that has disrupted your life for the past weeks and months, watch this message to help you begin climbing up t....
17 Jan 2021
Joey Bonifacio
As we determine if decisions are the right ones to make, stop to consider if these are what God wants for us and that ultimately, it’s....
10 Jan 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Coming into 2021, the Lord impressed upon Pastor Joey the word “ZEAL.” He believes it’s the key to how we should approach ....
03 Jan 2021
Joshua Harris
Need direction for 2021? Here’s the good news of the new year: following the presence of God will lead you to a purpose greater than you c....