27 Aug 2017
Joshua Harris
We continue our journey through Genesis 5 on the topic of death. Let’s discover how God’s love for us will change the way we view what c....
20 Aug 2017
Joey Bonifacio
Life goes on with people who are living in the flesh but not living in the Spirit. And day by day habits are formed as mindsets are layered ....
13 Aug 2017
Joey Bonifacio
Let’s continue on our journey through the book of Genesis and discover how we can grow in the midst of life’s transitions.
06 Aug 2017
Joey Bonifacio
Self-government is a fruit of the Spirit. It’s not you gritting your teeth and saying “I’m gonna try harder.” Religi....
30 Jul 2017
Joey Bonifacio, Joshua Harris
The living rooms of our families are the mirrors of our streets. After all, where do you get your judges, your presidents, your prime minist....
23 Jul 2017
Joey Bonifacio
In lieu of Singapore celebrating its National Day, we took a break from our journey through the book of Genesis and will be looking through ....