12 Feb 2017
Joey Bonifacio, Larry Matsuwaki, Joshua Harris
We all set boundaries to protect our lives. If we don’t set the right ones, we’re going to fall. In this message, we learn that ....
05 Feb 2017
Joey Bonifacio, Joshua Harris
To rest is to enjoy and to enjoy is to rest. Here’s God’s perspective on rest. And on the seventh day God finished his work that....
29 Jan 2017
Joey Bonifacio
Where does prosperity begin? In this message, we learned through Genesis 1:28a God’s idea of fruitfulness and His desire for us to be ....
26 Jan 2017
Joey Bonifacio, Joshua Harris
22 Jan 2017
Joey Bonifacio
Trust is a risk. Here’s a message as we start our year trusting God. Then God said, “Let us make man n our image, after our likenes....
15 Jan 2017
Joey Bonifacio, Joshua Harris
How will you begin your year? In this message, wetalked about a good way to start your year. Listen to the message and invest time to get cl....