The Steady SG Fund is a fund set up by Every Nation Church Singapore (ENCS) to provide financial support to our local community as we fight COVID-19 together in this season. In the words of our beloved Singapore celebrity icon, Phua Chu Kang, “Things different already, but Singapore be steady!”.

Let’s stand steady and fight together as one!

Here are the 3 groups of people we are targeting to support:

1. Guest Workers*: ENCS will be adopting a factory-converted dormitory (FCD) in partnership with one of the government-recognised NGOs working with guest workers. Apart from supplying daily meals for the workers till 1 June 2020, we are also purchasing essential goods (e.g. dry rations, top-up data cards) for these guest workers who have been financially affected by the circuit breaker.

2. Seniors: We continue to partner Lions Befrienders to distribute monthly groceries to 100 isolated and needy seniors living in Bendemeer till September, to reduce their need to go to crowded markets.

3. Low-income Families: Fei Yue Family Service Centre (Yew Tee) has approached us for an emergency fund to support the low-income families whose breadwinners have lost their jobs because of the pandemic and do not have sufficient funds for basic family expenses even after government support.

*in alignment with Alliance of Guest Workers Outreach’s terminology for migrant workers


Here is how you and your family/ friends can get involved! You can sponsor:

1. 1 guest worker: $30 worth of essential goods for 2-3 weeks
2. 1 senior: $30 worth of monthly groceries
3. 1 family: $30 worth of family expenses

You may choose to give a one-time gift, or a monthly recurring gift for a time period you set.

Note : Where Sponsor does not indicate which group of people (e.g. guest workers, seniors, families) they would like to support, ENCS will allocate the giving based on need.

For more details, you may email us at

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