Vocal Training 2019 is a ministry-initiatiated event for Music Team vocalists to help improve the skills of our volunteers. This training will be focusing on three key modules – Vocal Technique, Blending & Harmony and Electives on Worship Leading. Each module will be in 2 parts and dates are provided below.

Module 1: Vocal Technique
Dates: 3 August & 24 August
Time: 6-8pm

Voice training is far more than just singing. It requires an understanding of proper vocal use, discipline, as well as protection from stress and incorrect use.

What You Will Learn:

  • Relaxation, posture, breathing and muscular support
  • Articulation, tone, resonance and vibration
  • Listening, projection and stewardship.


Module 2: Blending & Harmony
Dates: 7 September & 21 September
Time: 6-8pm

Harmony in singing is the combination of multiple voices that complement each other melodically while matching the timbre/quality/tonality of other singers.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding the relationships between the notes as they move through a melody line.
  • Ability to identify the harmony, hear different voices and sing own vocal part independently.


Module 3: Elective (Worship Leading)
Dates: 5 & 19 October
Time: 6-8pm

As worship leaders, we have the honour to direct people to worship the One who deserves and is worthy to be praised. This is a privilege, at the same time, a responsibility that needs to be stewarded well.

What You Will Learn:

  • Practical tips on worship leading, engaging the congregation and leading the team.
  • Movements and confidence on stage.
  • Selecting songs for the service and facilitating rehearsals.


About the Trainer

Maoi De Leon, Worship Leader

Maoi is a graduate of Bachelor of Music Major in Music Education with Voice Principal (Cum Laude) at one of the oldest conservatories of music in the Phils, St. Scholasticas’s College, and has been teaching Vocal Techniques and General Music Classroom since 2005.

She is one of our worship leaders here in Every Nation Church Singapore. Currently serving at our Kallang PM location, she is passionate about leading people to encounter Jesus through worship.


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