We are a small part of a global community, a movement represented in over 70 countries, dedicated to reaching the culture and the campuses.
At the heart of what we do are the values that we build life on.

EN Singapore Values

Believing and following go hand in hand. We believe that Jesus is Lord and whole-heartedly following Him is the starting point and the base of the Christian faith.

Family and Spiritual family matters. Our heart is for everyone to get plugged in and not just be another face in the crowd. We’re big on family, and naturally, we strive to make spiritual family feel like you’re home.

PSALM 127:1,3
Discipleship is relationship. Our drive is to help others build their own relationship with God, and we do this by establishing biblical foundations, equipping believers and empowering them to do likewise with another person.

MATTHEW 28:19,20
Leaders are grown not born. We’re committed to a culture of drawing the leadership potential out in everyone by creating opportunities and platforms to develop individuals regardless of their background.

The Message of the Gospel is for everyone, especially those who have never heard it. We’re passionate about sharing our faith in what we say, how we act and especially how we live in the world around us.

JOHN 3:16, LUKE 19:10

Focusing on the Essentials

Make disciples.
Reach the campus.
Serve our city.