Set Apart | Prayer and Fasting 2024

The goal of this year’s theme is for people to have a more thoroughly biblical view of holiness that glorifies God, transforms their heart, and increases missional passion.

Event Details

We are excited to announce our 2024 global theme—Set Apart! We look forward to joining together in this time of prayer, consecration, and devotional study to grow in our understanding of holiness. Be transformed by God’s power and live to testify of his goodness as we begin the year with a week of prayer, fasting, and consecration focusing on holiness from the book of 1 Peter.


Begin the year by tuning into God’s heart for us in 2024. 🙏🏻
Join us:
- ⁠Lunchtime prayer on Zoom every 12pm, Mon-Fri (enc.sg/zoom)
- ⁠Prayer and worship every night 7:30-9pm, Mon-Fri
- Breaking of Fast on Friday

Additional Info

8 Jan 2024, Mon
- 12 Jan 2024, Fri
Devotional Guide - This devotional material will help us grasp the meaning of biblical holiness through studying passages in 1 Peter. As we go through the text, we believe that God will transform our hearts and prepare us to be his witnesses.


Family Devotional - The Set Apart: Family Devotional Guide will help your family learn about the Bible’s definition of holiness. Whether you’re fasting or simply participating in daily prayer times, there are many ways you can draw closer to God together.