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Locations: Kallang

There is an invisible battle taking place in the spiritual world. Let’s be ready to resist the unseen enemy.
Many things influence our lives—both seen and unseen. It’s time to open our eyes to the unseen.
Because we believe in the Bible, we know that the spiritual world is real. This means that knowing our SQ...
Mindsets are hard to shake because most of the time we’re not even aware we have them. Join us as...
Staying an infant is not on anyone’s list of goals. Most people will say they strive to be better. The...
Judgment is real. Eternity is real. How does that affect how I live today?
Have you ever wondered about life after death? The way we view the afterlife empowers how we live today.
What does it mean to “lay hands” on people? We have a part to play in making Jesus known—not only...
No physical factors will truly change a person inside out. Instead, a changed life begins when we are immersed in...
Following Jesus is a constant discovery of God’s truth and how our lives fall short of it. This leads us...