29 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
How we live our lives will become a pattern for how the succeeding generations will live theirs. Have we trusted on the favour of God rather....
22 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
What is God doing in your life in this season? During Joseph’s final shaking, God turned his suffering into salvation for others. Take adv....
14 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio, Mark Chew
Does slow and steady truly win the race? Don’t just settle for the good when you can enjoy God’s best in the fullness of time.
08 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
Are there situations that immobilise you because of a fear of man? Discover how Joseph found the key to stability when God replaced his fear....
01 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
What is the source of your favour? When times of shaking strip away the favour of man, we discover who we truly rely on.