31 Oct 2021
Joshua Harris
What does it really mean to be #blessed? As we unpack God’s true purpose for prosperity, we’ll see that more money might actually mean m....
24 Oct 2021
Joey Bonifacio
There may have been a little misunderstanding about the grace of God over the years. It’s time we look into it and appreciate how gene....
17 Oct 2021
Joey Bonifacio
If we were honest with ourselves, it’s impossible to maintain good health without discipline. It’s something nobody likes, but e....
10 Oct 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Being designed and created whole, God has given us the power to steward our life, especially our health. This message breaks down what this ....
03 Oct 2021
Joey Bonifacio
The first and most important thing you need to know about your health is this: everything started with being whole.