19 Apr 2020
Joey Bonifacio
God constantly invites us to enter His rest. Only when we do so shall we experience the real kind of life that God intended for us.
12 Apr 2020
Joey Bonifacio
The key to resting in God is to know the King of Rest.
05 Apr 2020
Joey Bonifacio
Too many people wear busyness like a badge. But not everyone could simply keep up. In fact, most of those obsessed with performing still enc....
29 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
How we live our lives will become a pattern for how the succeeding generations will live theirs. Have we trusted on the favour of God rather....
22 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
What is God doing in your life in this season? During Joseph’s final shaking, God turned his suffering into salvation for others. Take adv....
15 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio, Mark Chew
Does slow and steady truly win the race? Don’t just settle for the good when you can enjoy God’s best in the fullness of time.