08 Aug 2021
Mark Chew
King David’s leadership journey is so far from our notion of authority and prestige that the title brings. Let’s look back at how David ....
01 Aug 2021
Joey Bonifacio
There’s no better example of great leadership than God Himself. Psalm 23 teaches us how.
25 Jul 2021
Joey Bonifacio
In Matthew 6, Jesus concludes His prayer with three things that He knows are always on top of people’s minds.
18 Jul 2021
Joey Bonifacio
The biggest question everyone has about prayer is this: Why doesn’t God answer all my prayers?
11 Jul 2021
Joey Bonifacio
The name of God is not just a word we use to call Him: it embodies who He is, what He is capable of, and what He does. Enrich your prayer li....
04 Jul 2021
Joey Bonifacio
As we march towards the second half of the year, we have a single plan: master prayer.