08 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
Are there situations that immobilise you because of a fear of man? Discover how Joseph found the key to stability when God replaced his fear....
01 Mar 2020
Joey Bonifacio
What is the source of your favour? When times of shaking strip away the favour of man, we discover who we truly rely on.
23 Feb 2020
Joey Bonifacio
The trials we face could be the very instrument God has chosen for us to realise our destiny. What do we need in order to stay the course an....
16 Feb 2020
Joey Bonifacio, Mark Chew
How do you respond when your world is shaken? When we see life from God’s point of view, we find that great opportunities come with great ....
02 Feb 2020
Joey Bonifacio, Arnie Manzano, Larry Matsuwaki
Fear is an easy response to all the negative news around us, but when we go back to the basics of the Christian life, we’ll experience God....
26 Jan 2020
Joey Bonifacio, Mark Chew, Joshua Harris
How do we grow in the grace God has given us? By giving it away. Today’s message encourages us to steward God’s grace for the sake of ot....