16 May 2021
Joey Bonifacio
When people think of relationships, the usual themes revolve around love, care, and communication. That’s until trust is broken. People th....
09 May 2021
Marie Bonifacio
When coming to God feels more like going to the principal’s office than drinking from a refreshing oasis, we might not have an accurate pi....
02 May 2021
Joey Bonifacio
The whole point of the person, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit is to make us bear the fruit of the Spirit very naturally.
25 Apr 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Joseph’s life, as recorded in Genesis, captures how the Holy Spirit is able to operate in one’s life if the person is fully surrendered ....
18 Apr 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Just as a runner is able to go the distance when he catches a second wind, we will break through in life as we tap into the Holy Spirit and ....
11 Apr 2021
Joey Bonifacio
The person of the Holy Spirit and His presence in our life is one of the strongest reasons why we know we can overcome and triumph in 2021 d....