12 Sep 2021
Joey Bonifacio
It’s easy to see the fruit of one’s life — successful relationships, health, and finances. It’s difficult to see what makes those th....
05 Sep 2021
Joey Bonifacio
A thriving life is possible for everyone, even now, because abundance isn’t dictated by circumstances but by a promise of Jesus.
29 Aug 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Leadership is often a long journey. There are calm seas but also stretches of rough water, occasional storms, and mountain-high waves. Here ....
22 Aug 2021
Joey Bonifacio
If there was one thing that leaders need to be successful, it is this: clarity.
15 Aug 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Our leadership journey isn’t void of struggles and hardships. It is in these challenges that we grow to become the kind of leader God inte....
08 Aug 2021
Mark Chew
King David’s leadership journey is so far from our notion of authority and prestige that the title brings. Let’s look back at how David ....