04 Apr 2021
Joshua Harris
How is Easter relevant in a world of racial tensions, military unrest, and environmental challenges? Discover how the resurrection of Jesus ....
28 Mar 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Legal. Illegal. Legalistic. The difference between these three can spell the difference in living the life God intended for us.
22 Mar 2021
Joey Bonifacio
What does it mean for someone who follows Christ to be salt and light to the world in the time we are living in today?
14 Mar 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount is one of His most famous messages, and it is something we need to go back to and heed every so often.
07 Mar 2021
Joey Bonifacio
If zeal is to diligently seek God’s Kingdom, and zeal without wisdom is dangerous, then it’s wise to know exactly what the kingdom of Go....
28 Feb 2021
Joey Bonifacio
Without a doubt, living a life that is healthy, fruitful, and generally successful is everyone’s dream. Wisdom makes that dream a reality!....